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Do you also want to work from home during these times? 9 ways to improve your productivity when working from home

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Understandably, it can be difficult to maintain your productivity when working from home and stay focused when working from home, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Because many places during the coronavirus pandemic Still facing lockdown measures, many are following the advice to stay at home. However, this in no way means that your life ends. As humans, we are able to think of different ways to adapt and be productive even in these adverse conditions.

Working from home may not be the perfect situation for all of us, but it is the new reality right now and there are many ways to stay cool and focused on our day-to-day responsibilities, while continuing to achieve our goals.

Here are some tips to strengthen your productive self and achieve success.

Organize your time and plan for productivity at home

It is completely normal to feel a little strange in your own home trying to find a normal routine when you should normally go to work or the office. But there are positives: Staying at home, despite the restrictions it imposes, can free up time that you normally wouldn't have had, for example due to traveling or coffee breaks with colleagues.

We wrote about it before in the 5 AM club, but one of the best ways to achieve high productivity is to start the day nice and early. Set daily goals and stick to a personal schedule that you can set yourself. Now is the time to be completely your own boss, so take advantage of it.

Work in a home office or fixed workplace at home

As tempting as it may be to sit on the couch in front of the TV, multitasking has been proven to reduce your productivity. By doing your work in an office or other designated workspace, you improve your ability to focus and brainstorm. This also gives you more privacy to concentrate, to call customers or colleagues and thus create a more professional environment in which to work. Many companies use video conferencing technology to improve communication between teams. When your clients or colleagues can see you from a clean, professional-looking area, it subconsciously lets them know that you're still getting things done just fine.

To set priorities

Having multiple things to do can often be overwhelming and cause a sense of disorder. This is normal, especially when tasks to perform are not prioritized. The simplest solution is to record all the commitments for the day and then prioritize based on importance and urgency, essentially giving you a roadmap of your workday.

Improve productivity when working from home? Set priorities and process them in task lists
Improve productivity when working from home? Set priorities and process them in task lists (fig.)

Make to-do lists

Even though you think you have everything under control, in the end everyone makes mistakes and forgets things. You can hardly escape it. An effective way to keep simple mistakes and lack of concentration to a minimum is to write down your list of tasks for the day and then perform them one at a time based on the stated priority. Not only will this boost your organizational skills, but it will also give you the satisfaction of completing a task and being able to do it. strikethroughso that you can begin the next task with a clear mind and focus.

Concentrate on one goal at a time

In other words, no multi-tasking but focus on the most important task until it is done. Numerous responsibilities can very easily evoke a negative feeling. Trying to fulfill too many obligations at once can be distracting, cause errors, and even make things take even longer. Focusing on one task at a time will ensure that this task is completed successfully, keeping your mind calm and ready for the next.

Limit distractions

Everything, including the people, pets, and things we love, can be a distraction when working from home. With many schools currently closed, many parents work, while the children participate in online learning at home. Limiting distraction can be very difficult in such a situation with so many distracting factors. Try to build in some boundaries around your work area at home. Can you close the door at certain times, hang your meeting schedule centrally or, for example, use a temporary “do not disturb” sign? Using headphones to drown out noise can also work very well!

Provide a tidy workplace

From the moment you start working from home, it is important that you set up a workplace as a home office to also keep everything in one place. It is important to have everything around and at your workplace tidy and organized.

Keeping your desk clutter-free and having a well-laid out home office is important for making you productive at the home office.

Answer the phone

Depending on your work, of course, but it is not always advisable to be on standby for every phone call (or app message) that comes in. With the Pomodoro timer technique in mind, it often works even better to check whether you have missed important conversations between your focus moments.

On the other hand, it can sometimes provide much more clarity not to enter into lengthy email conversations with customers or colleagues, but to make that one call that prevents a lot of miscommunication and ensures that everyone can continue with the right feedback. on his or her most important activities.

Also make sure you rest

By taking breaks between your tasks, you can increase your efficiency and create a stronger mindset and a sense of inspiration for your work. Dedicated and intense focus can take a lot of energy and when you spend too much energy on a task for too long, a productive day can turn into a non-productive day very quickly. You can also use the Pomodoro timer technique work with focus on a task and then take a break.

Exerting too much pressure to live up to your expectations can tire your mind, which can lead to fatigue and lack of motivation. Therefore always make sure you have enough breaks (possibly with healthy snacks), because rest is just as important as work.

Finally, about productivity when working from home

While many people have been working remotely on a regular basis for many years, current global measures have forced the vast majority of people to work from home. By keeping a regular schedule and working in a designated space, you can improve your productivity when working from home.

Limiting distractions, making phone calls when it is most convenient for you, and calling team members when that clears up miscommunication can also help you avoid wasting a lot of time. What do you do to increase your productivity when working from home or when working remotely?

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