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8 Monday morning habits of highly successful people

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With another great weekend behind us, we sometimes tend to start the working week on Monday morning with a little more effort.

For some of the world's most successful people, however, Monday morning is a chance to start fresh and set the tone for the rest of the week. Whether they're practicing yoga or meditation, walking their dog, or cleaning up their living space, they have a routine that can help them prepare for a productive week right from the start.

Here is a list of 8 of the Monday morning habits that highly successful people develop to take themselves to the next level.

They get up early – the alarm clock at 5 in the morning

They wake up early to make sure they have enough time to complete all the tasks that are important to them. Waking up early also ensures that they are not late for any of their scheduled appointments and that they have plenty of time to work on themselves before getting started with their work. We are allotted only so much time each day; sleeping much of the day just reduces your chances of success.

They meditate – start with just 5 minutes

Monday morning meditation is a great tool for achieving success. It is important to calm the mind and let the positive energy in as soon as you wake up. You can start meditating for 5 minutes and as soon as you feel good with it slowly increase to, for example, half an hour per session.

Such practices can also answer unanswered questions for yourself and lead the way to success.

“We are what we do regularly. Excellence is therefore not an act, but a habit.” ~Aristotle.

Concentrating on stillness and your heartbeat is one way to do a meditation. Another way is to do a guided meditation. There are plenty of free guided meditation videos on YouTube that you can try. They range from positive energy meditation to prosperity meditation and weight loss meditation.

One of our favorites of such a guided meditation is “The 6 Phase Guided Meditation” by Vishen Lakhiani (Mindvalley):

“The 6 Phase Guided Meditation” – great to start your Monday morning!

They are motivated – personal development is key

Highly successful people are immediately motivated on Monday morning. They read books on personal development, watch inspiring videos, listen to motivational speakers. Even 15 minutes of inspirational content on Monday morning can make your day and your entire week successful.

Watch Tony Robbins' free motivational speech on his Hour of Power:

Tony Robbins routine, try it on Monday mornings too!

They get active – sports and exercise

Highly successful people know that it is necessary to get the body active on Monday mornings and during the week. Exercise helps the body wake up and provide oxygen; by doing this, all cells become active and ready for the day!

They put fuel in their bodies – food is energy

It is imperative for many that your body is fueled early in the morning with nutritious foods. Healthy food gives energy and prepares body and mind for the day. Are you a fan of Intermittent Fasting? Try to break this now and then, so that your body is stimulated and does not get used to your eating routines.

They tackle difficult tasks first

During and after planning the week in advance, it is possible to identify tasks that require greater effort, focus and commitment in terms of resources and mental energy.

Successful people prefer to do these tasks on Mondays because of more energy and greater concentration after a restful weekend.

Mondays provide a fresh supply of willpower, increased optimism and willingness to tackle challenging tasks.

In addition, you will realize that work energy decreases as the week goes on and that you usually prefer easy and simple tasks towards the end of the week.

They only handle the urgent emails

Most email inboxes are bursting with emails on Monday mornings. Highly successful people have a way of getting only urgent emails in the morning. Going through a long list of random emails in the morning can waste a lot of time unnecessarily.

Do you also answer a lot of e-mails on the road, for example on the train? Then you can think of email apps for your smartphone such as boxer that allows you to quickly go through your inbox to distinguish between urgent and less important e-mails.

They connect face-to-face with their team

Many business decisions today are made via email, zoom meetings, or other types of technology. Highly successful people connect with their teams personally. They connect with others.

Finally about Monday morning and habits

Success does not come from luck, but from hard work to achieve a specific goal. Monday morning routines set the mood for the rest of the day and the rest of your week!

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