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Leadership: 7 tips from famous CEOs to help you develop as a leader

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Successful business leadership often requires an innovative way of working that will help you lead an organization or company and take it to the top.

What tips do internationally recognized leaders of large, successful companies give that they say have made a difference?

Write down your ideas

Imagine that during a conversation some brilliant ideas come up, but which you quickly forget. If you had made a note, you wouldn't have to spend time and effort trying to remember maybe the very idea that could make all the difference.

Like the CEO of Nike (Mark Parker), always carry a notebook or note-taking facility with you, or develop your own system for recording ideas or intentions that can help your business leadership in the near future.

Keep moving and enjoy the journey

Something as simple as staying active can promote the generation of new ideas. It is not only the physical movement, but also your curiosity, making the trips or exercising and staying in motion. A good walk can help us get inspired, says the founder of the Virgin Group (Richard Branson). Don't stop moving and work on your business leadership before getting dressed for the day and getting started!

Branson emphasizes the importance of being able to enjoy your journey and not just starting a business as a way to reach the end goal.

If you're not passionate about what you do and are willing to live it instead of just seeing it as a job, you'll never make it.

draw attention

Business leadership is so competitive in today's companies that sometimes you have to come up with shocking ideas and execute them. An example of this was coined by Ryanair's CEO (Michael O'Leary), who disguised himself as the Pope when he presented a new flight route to Rome with his company. Think what a remarkably good headline would be for your organization and do it! You attract the attention of your team and your sector.


Who has never needed a break to catch their breath to recharge the batteries? That's exactly what the co-founder of the Huffington Post (Arianna Huffington) is proposing.

Her approach is innovative and at the same time simple: your business leadership is strengthened when you set aside some time to rest, eat something healthy or meditate. Just stop for a few minutes and then notice how it helps improve your productivity. Your efficiency and organization will thank you for it.

Invest in yourself

One of the largest and most successful investors (Warren Buffet) has probably given some of the most quoted business advice: that the best thing a person can invest in is their own personal development.

A company run by someone with a lot of personal skills – public speaking, risk analysis, that sort of thing – is much more likely to succeed than a company with a lot of tangible assets but a weak businessman in charge.

Read, learn and read

Few tips are as simple as those from Amazon CEO (Jeff Bezos) for achieving business leadership in your company: read on. Just make sure you save some time and reserve for studying and reflecting, whereby the trick is to transfer this to the rest in a group to further promote cooperation.

The art of transferring knowledge to the rest within a team also applies to leadership in order to stimulate each other in collaboration. (fig.)
The art of transferring knowledge to the rest within a team also applies to leadership in order to stimulate each other in collaboration. (picture.)

One thing at a time

The CEO of apple (Steve Jobs) was known for his ability to prioritize the right issues and focus on them alone. In fact, many people who worked with him attributed his explosive success to that skill.

The point is, you should never multitask and literally do multiple tasks at once. Set aside blocks in your day for individual activities and focus everything you have on one action at a time.

What tricks do you use to improve your business leadership?

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