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5 Amazing And Unexpected Health Benefits Of Flowers Around You

5 Amazing And Unexpected Health Benefits Of Flowers Around You

Many specialists in the field of flowers and botany are involved in arranging a beautiful flower arrangement or flower garden. Current research in the field of botany seems to point to one surprising and delightful thing: those who gleefully use the words "flower power!" chanted in the sixties, they were on to something: Flowers DO have power.

In particular, here are 5 amazing health benefits of flowers:

Flowers can help improve mood

At the most basic level, receiving flowers from someone can help improve a mood because it means someone cares, and that always has an impact.

Even when the flowers are bought or planted by the person themselves and enjoyed by them, they can help lift the mood because they look beautiful and smell good — two factors that have been scientifically proven to provide an emotional boost. And improved mood often leads to better health.

People who are in a good mood are more likely to recover more quickly from injury or illness. Remember that people often bring flowers or plants to hospital patients. And for the most part, hospitals welcome this gesture because it helps patients take important steps toward recovery. Hospitals often have green space on site because healthcare professionals can certainly appreciate the positive impact of exposure to plants and flowers acknowledge.

Flowers help relax

Taking care of flowers and plants can be relaxing, while gardening can be a healthy way to deal with stress or frustration. The scent of flowers is also known to help with relaxation, so sachets and bath products tend to be floral as a result. Who doesn't love a relaxing bath or lovely smelling lavender scented candle?

Think about how often people visit a garden to relax. While we may not fully understand the science behind it yet, it's hard to deny that gardens help with relaxation.

Flowers improve memory

Is this possible? Could this be true? Science says it can! Plants and flowers provide oxygen in the air and stimulate brain cells, which improves memory, clarity and concentration. See plants and flowers as additional superfoods for the brain cells!

Flowers can help cure colds

While plants and flowers aren't exactly the cure for the common cold that has eluded scientists and researchers for centuries, they can certainly help tackle the nasty (and sometimes dangerous) illness.

Especially during the winter months – when the lack of humidity causes infections – flowers add moisture to the air. This moisture helps with dry skin, dry throat, and dry cough—all factors that contribute to seasonal illness.

Also, this extra moisture provided by plants and flowers helps prevent, or at least shorten, the lifespan of colds and help people get back to health.

Flowers improve your energy

Having fresh flowers and/or potted plants in the home or office is linked to an increase in positive energy. The color and scent in particular stimulate the energy. In addition, flowers and plants have been proven to increase creativity (they are linked to an increase in positive energy).

Place plants or flowers in a craft room or other place where a mental boost would be helpful. Sit by a potted plant while reading, doing puzzles or brain exercises. Enjoy the view and the benefits of increased mental energy.

In short, take the time to stop and admire a beautiful bunch of flowers and smell the roses. Your mental, physical and emotional well-being will thank you!

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