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10 benefits of living, working and becoming a digital nomad location independent

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With the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out in multiple destinations around the world, many people will long for a change of scenery and wonder when they can get back on the road, especially if they've been working remotely and from home all along. The popularity of the digital nomads continues to increase during this time.

There are countless benefits to living a location independent life and being unfettered from having to work for one employer in one location. Here are some of the key benefits of the digital nomad life.

Choose your own office

As a digital nomad you choose where you work, whether that be in a coffee shop, a co-working space or a bungalow with palm trees on a tropical beach. Numerous studies have shown that people feel happier with some variety in their work environment, rather than doing the same thing every day in the exact same space.

Choose your own hours

While it takes some discipline to set your own hours and stick to a routine, the way you structure your time is completely up to you as a digital nomad. If you want to start the day with a dive and clock in in the afternoon with your work because you think it tastes better biorhythm works, then you can. If you want to sleep all day and work at night, no one can stop you.

No more commuting

Numerous studies have shown that the daily commute is their number one most annoying thing for most employees. More than 50% of people hate the daily commute and the number is even higher for people who work in the larger cities. Of course, many of us have dropped the commute in 2021 in exchange for staring at the walls of our own homes. For digital nomads, that same walk to the laptop can happen anywhere and be appreciated.

No dress code

Some people like to wear a suit; other people consider it to be a school uniform for adults. if digital nomad you can wear whatever you like, whenever you want, whether that be a winter coat with snowshoes, shorts with flip flops or a custom three piece suit from a Singaporean tailor.

Maximum Variation

Nothing stifles creativity more than doing the same thing day in, day out. As a digital nomad you work on something new with every contract, sometimes for completely new people, clients and often at a completely new location. Freelancing is the embodiment of the maxim that variety is the energy of life!

Less stress

About 20% of people cite long working hours as the main cause of stress in their lives, and about 10% are stressed by office politics. Being a digital nomad means being your own boss, setting your own hours and spending time with the people you love – or spending time alone whenever you want.

Personal development

Being able to choose your own direction offers plenty of opportunities for personal development. You learn to save yourself and to be comfortable depending on your own company. You become more organized and more confident in your ability to take on any challenge. And you learn what really matters in life, without letting other people's ideas and prejudices (sometimes with the best of intentions) cloud your judgment.

Better business skills

Working as a freelancer is a bootcamp in the skills needed to run a business. You will learn to manage your time and finances, find new customers, keep track of invoices and build a growing brand. Many budding entrepreneurs made the leap to creating their own empire after learning the ropes as a freelance sole proprietor.

More time for free time

Most digital nomads consider having more free time to be one of the best benefits of the freelance life, and being in an interesting place means maximum opportunities to do new and exciting things that you've never done before. This keeps time for fun and work in balance and is a lifestyle that never has to end.

More free time, being able to work anywhere as a digital nomad and see the world.
More free time, being able to work anywhere as a digital nomad and see the world. (picture.)

To see the world

Become a digital nomad and you will have the opportunity to see more of the beautiful world. With the wireless lifestyle made possible by digital technology, you can almost sit and move your camp whenever you feel like a change of scenery. Do you want to work in one place all year round or move with the changing seasons? Spending a week at the beach and weekends in the mountains? The choice is then really yours!

Does being a digital nomad sound like something to you?

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